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  • Molecule-R 1st Cookbook
    Molecular gastronomy by Molecule-R (40 new recipes). An introduction to the science behind 40 spectacular recipes. 40 new stunning recipes explained and illustrated with the intelligence and aesthetic beauty that defines the Molecule-R brand. A complete and accessible reference work now paves the..
    Ex Tax: $37.16 $37.16 $49.55
  • Molecule-R 50 Course Meal Cookbook
    Molecular 50-Course Meal is an avant-garde menu inspired by molecular gastronomy. It is a tribute to culinary tradition, a testament to the evolution of modern cooking techniques and an homage to our favorite creative thinkers, chefs and artists. It is 70+ pages of food science and tips & tricks..
    Ex Tax: $44.59 $44.59 $59.45
  • Molecule-R Deluxe Edition Cookbook
    Molecular gastronomy by Molecule-R - Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition of our cookbook has been designed to include in a single package all the additives and tools required to test our new recipes! Content: 9 food additives (71g cans) 5 pipettes 1 slotted spoon 1 measuring spoon 1 ..
    Ex Tax: $247.73 $247.73 $445.91